Heather Marie – Professional Vocalist 

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25th February 2017 Truro

18th March 2017 London
26th March 2017 Woodhall Spa

1st April 2017 Lincoln
16th April 2017 Woodhall Spa

6th May 2017 Lincoln
7th May 2017 London
13th May 2017 Norwich

18th June 2017 Woodhall Spa
21st-22nd June 2017 Lincoln
25th June 2017 Gloucester

1st July 2017 Lincoln
2nd July 2017 Woodhall Spa
14th-16th July 2017 Woodhall Spa

6th August 2017 Woodhall Spa
12th August 2017 Lincoln
19th-20th August 2017 Lytham

9th-10th September 2017 Lincoln
12th September 2017 Lincoln
15th September 2017 Cosford
16th September 2017 Lincoln
17th September 2017 London

21st October 2017 Felixstowe
27th October 2017 Henley
28th October 2017 London

4th November 2017 London

10th December 2017 Woodhall Spa
24th December 2017 Woodhall Spa
31st December 2017 Woodhall Spa

12th April 2018 Lincoln TBC
13th April 2018 Lincoln TBC
14th April 2018 Woodhall Spa TBC

11th May 2018 Lincoln
19th May 2018 Norwich

17th June 2018 Wolverhampton

20th June 2018 Lincoln TBC
21st June 2018 Lincoln TBC

6th July 2018 Woodhall Spa
7th July 2018 Woodhall Spa
8th July 2018 Woodhall Spa

11th August 2018 Lincoln
12th August 2018 Lincoln

18th August 2018 Lytham
18th August 2018 Lincoln
19th August 2018 Lytham

22nd September 2018 Lincoln

Heather Marie – Professional Vocalist

1940s singer, 1950s, swing, big band and musicals

 Equity Member Heather Marie Professional Vocalist 1940s Singer Wartime Singer