Possible reasons

Overdue invoices

If this suspension was due to a missed payment, the account can be automatically un-suspended by logging into your client area and paying any overdue invoices.

Payment details have changed

If your payment details have been changed or have expired there maybe overdue invoices on your account. Logging into our client area and updating your payment details will automatically enable this account.

Suspicious activity detected

Your account may have been suspended to prevent any further suspicious activity while we investigate. This could be the result of a virus or malicious file on your hosting account.

We will need to manually enabled your account once we have completed our checks. There may be a cost associated with removing any malware or viruses from your hosting account.

Possible source of spam

If any of your mailboxes have been used to send a large amount of spam email, your hosting account will have been suspended to prevent further spam from being sent from our servers.

In some cases a mailbox or a device associated with a mailbox could have become compromised and is being used to send spam from a third party. You will need to check your device for viruses and change your mailbox password before we can un-suspend your account.

Contact Us

Please email our support team or call 01472 878496 if you have any questions.